First EXATEC Japan solidarity project successfully concludes

As a result of the sanitary emergency that Mexico experienced from the Swine Influenza virus epidemic, the Social and Community Support Committee of EXATEC Japan launched a project to send masks to Mexico. Japanese people have an deeply-rooted culture of using masks due primarily to cedar pollen allergy which occurs in February to April all over the country, on top of using them when they catch cold. Thanks to the donations given by members of EXATEC... Read More

Swine Flu Donation

To all of those who might be interested, The situation in Mexico has become sad and complicated. Looking forward to contribute with the efforts during this difficult situation in Mexico, the Ex-A-Tec Association has decided to raise money to buy and send masks of high quality to the Red Cross in Mexico. Recently, it is becoming more and more difficult to obtain masks in Mexico. Therefore, people is “producing” them at home, but they are,... Read More

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